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The Mission:

“Hermes - The Messengers” (or “Hermes” simplified) is an innovative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Hermes stands out with super cute and high quality art, created by a renowned agency, but also with its unique approach of bringing your NFT to live with AR. This project does not have unlimited funding, but was rather created by an enthusiastic team that will customize your Messenger with love.

How does it work? Mint it, customize the banner and let Hermes speak for you! Whether it is a personal message, taking a stand or even promoting your emerging business:

Your message deserves to be heard!

The story of the Hermes Messengers

In Greek mythology, Hermes is considered the herald of gods. He is the son of Zeus and Maia and was gifted with incredible speed, aided by his winged sandals. That’s why Hermes is often associated as the Messenger of Gods, delivering messages between the worlds of the mortal and the divine. Now we have brought a new version of Hermes into the 21st century!

What makes Hermes
a truly unique project?

Truly unique,
Truly yours

Make your Hermes Messenger NFT truly yours with customizable traits

With you,
wherever you are

Take your Hermes with you. Share what you want to say with a Hermes Messenger through AR


The Hermes Project will be 100% transparent on spending, team and plans

Make the world
a better place

The true bridge between Web3 and real-life is when the real-life benefits from Web3. Together we make a change!

Meet the team


Co-Founder & Communication


Co-Founder & Technology


Branding & Illustration


3D Artist & Animation


Wen mint? And how much? What about WL? Supply?

The mint will happen early February. We will be selling 500 units of the Hermes - The Messengers for 0.039 ETH each. With WL, you will be able to mint for 0.029 ETH.

Customizable? What do I need to do?

1. Mint your Hermes - The Messenger
2. Enjoy your animated pre-reveal placeholder
3. Send us your message or logo through Google Forms
4. Let us do our magic (it might take a couple of days)
5. We will update the metadata and notifiy you when ready
6. Keep it, share it, sell it!

How does it work behind the scenes?

We consider your form submission an order. Our team will roll-back their sleves, update your Messenger in Blender and render your NFT. Once ready, we update your NFT hosted on AWS (yes, it is centralized).

How many traits does my Messenger have? Rarity?

We consider the customizations a unique trait for each of the 500 NFTs. Hermes as such will have no traits, but be thoughtful about what you print on the banner; be innovative! It will stay there forever. Psst.. there might be a surprise for 10% of the Messengers.

Utilities you ask? What's next?

Primarily we are focusing on putting you at the center of our attention. Your Hermes - The Messenger will convey your message. We aim to keep our project feasible, therefore, the team will not promise you more than we know we actually can deliver.

C.R.E.A.M. or what happens to the money?

We aim to cover our expenses setting up the project and compensate for the manual work customizing your NFT. Of course we want the project going! Any surplus will be either discussed with the community or invested into developing the project further.

Perfectionism or passion?

We are both! We strive for perfection and put our hearts into the project, while still enjoying day jobs, families and some free time. We will do our utmost to deliver up to your expectations, always and anytime. However, we are self-taught enthusiasts! If you want to join a great project and contribute with knowledge in AR, coding or marketing, let us know!

Partnerships & Collabs

If you are interested in collaborating with the “Hermes - The Messengers”, please email us at